Mystim – Funky Fella Rillendildo


Mystim’s line of aluminium dildos has something to suit everyone’s taste. This new dildo in a smaller size are especially designed for e-stim beginners.

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Mystim’s line of aluminium dildos has something to suit everyone’s taste: from delicate to daring, slim to stout, with profile, with rills, even with a handle – and their clear lines and carefully hand polished surfaces make our metal toys an entertaining and sightly addition to your nightstand.

100% medical grade aluminium

High quality material that ensures not only best electrical conduction but also non-allergic properties.


Can be enjoyed purely or attached to an e-stim unit for an extra intense stimulation.

Bi-polar toy

All dildos are already bi-polar and can conduct without having to attach an external electrode.

Handmade in Germany

All our metal dildos are made, polished, cleaned and checked by hand before they leave our workshop.

Electro stimulator box needed

In order to enjoy the endless tingles or strongly throbbing sensations of e-stim you need to attach these accessories to an e-stim box like our Cluster Buster or Tension Lover.

  • Separation of Poles always bi-polar toys
  • Logo engraving
  • More compact size, ideal for beginners
  • Beautiful gift box packaging
  • Suitable for all Mystim power boxes
  • Length: 13 cm
  • Diameter: 2,6 cm

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